Guidance Center

                              WRHS Guidance Center
                                  Phone: 360.829.5514
                                     Fax: 360.829.5596

Kim Arsanto - Guidance Secretary                                      Kris Bird - Registrar
360.829.5514                                                                        360.829.5510                                  

Sam Kresge - Counselor A-G                                               Greg Benjamin - Counselor H-M

360.829.5556                                                                        360.829.5511                                   

Linda Keith - Career Information Specialist N-Z                  Lynn Lindner - Career Information Specialist
360.829.5658                                                                        360.829.5555                                       

Jenni Nicolls - District Social Worker                                    Sandra Riano - Phsychologist
360.829.5512                                                                           360.829.5515                                      

Keren Smith - Drug/Alcohol Intervention Specialist 

Dorothy Apple - Native American Education

For Summer School Information please click on the Academic Interventions Tab

Who We Are 

InvestED provides funding that supports the efforts of secondary schools throughout Washington state.  We partner with 660 schools and assist more than 16,500 students with small amounts of short-term, item-specific, need-based funding – items such as shoes, coats, glasses, sports equipment, and academic fees. 

Our mission is to provide immediate help for students in need. Our goal is to encourage students to stay in school, return to school, or get involved within their learning community.  

You can help students in your community. Just click the Donate button located at the top of the Invested page. InvestED is a 501 (c) (3) organization tax ID# 23-7189670.  

InvestED-Webpage link:


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